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We are located in the Northland Professional Building, 600 22nd Avenue NW Suite 4 Minot, ND 58701

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(701) 852-3869

Treatment center
SAP evaluations
Outpatient Treatment
Local services

  We are passionate about what we do and lead with respect. Below is a list of services we provide.

Individual and Group Counseling

(Adults and Adolescents)

Screening for potential concerns regarding alcohol or drug use

DOT/DISA Evaluations conducted by a certified SAP provider

Alcohol/Drug Evaluations for both Adults and Adolescents

DUI Seminars 

Drug/Alcohol Education Classes

18-21 (MIP/MIC) Early Intervention Courses

Anger Management Classes

ASAM LEVEL I Outpatient Treatment

Under 18 Minor in Possession/Consumption Classes

Aftercare Counseling

Consultation and Intervention Services 

Employee Assistance Programming

Community and School Preventative Education


We have local providers we consult with regularly, (with the client's signed permission). These providers specialize in EMDR Trauma Therapy/Marital Therapy/Play Therapy/Medication Monitoring/Prescription.  We work in conjunction with these providers or refer you to them once our services are complete.

We offer weekly group and individual sessions.  Evaluations are conducted Monday through Saturday both daytime and evening, by appointment. Online evaluations and group/individual sessions are available via a telehealth service or in person. We are fully licensed by the state of ND and work cohesively with all in and out of state courts/DMV. We can provide services throughout the state of ND. We are in-network providers for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Sanford Health and Medicaid and Medicaid expansion.  We are credentialed with the ND SUD Voucher program. If criteria is met, services can be offered free of  charge to the client. This can be self, family, agency or attorney referred. Contact us for the SUD voucher application.  We look forward to hearing from you and consider it a privilege.  We consider all of our clients more than just a name or number.  We have deep compassion for what we do with absolutely no judgement.  We want to get you to the right resources and find solutions that work for you on an individual basis.  For more information about our providers, please click on the "About Us" button. You can also email us at or visit us on facebook.

In business since 2005
Alcohol and drug evaluations
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